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Webinar Series! - "Undue Influence & Elder Financial Abuse"

CaseSoft - a division of LexisNexis - has joined with Dr. Blum to produce a series of webinars on the topic of undue influence.  These webinars are free and available to the public.

In "Undue Influence & Elder Financial Abuse - Chapter 1," Dr. Blum provides an overview of the concept of undue influence, some of the major forms and subtypes, and associated behavioral models.  References are included for those interested in more detailed study.  (33 minutes).


Chapter 2 of the series contains an in-depth introduction to IDEAL - a behavior-based method of analyzing claims of undue influence.  Sample cases and assessments are included. (20 min. lecture plus 23 min. of cases and analysis).


If you wish to view this series, please click the links below.  You will be directed to the CaseSoft/ LexisNexis webinar library (WARNING:  Clicking on the links will open a new browser window and take you out of this website.)


Chapter 1


Chapter 2   


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