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Undue Influence - Behavioral Models

Undue Influence – Did It Happen? 

There are many methods for assessing and understanding undue influence.  Each has strengths and limitations, and each works well for certain types of situations.  Your specific case may benefit from evaluation with more than one method.  NOTE:  Experts in this field should know several methods and be able to explain which one(s) are appropriate for your situation.     
In 2008, the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging joined with the American Psychological Association to publish "Assessment of Older Adults With Diminished Capacity: A Handbook for Psychologists."  This text (available for free – click here (opens a new window)) includes a section on the evaluation for undue influence (pp. 113-116), and suggests that practitioners consider using the following:


Also, many Courts look for the elements of the SODR model, which are described here.


Dr. Blum regularly evaluates cases using all of these, plus 7-12 additional methods, as appropriate.  



Who is susceptible to undue influence?  (The answers may surprise you.)


Elder Abuse, Financial Loss, and Undue Influence: FAQs.

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