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How Experts Can Help

Consulting the right expert can make the difference in your case.  Here is a list of topics a good expert can provide:
1.  Relevant scientific, medical, and technical knowledge, plus recommendations for articles, books, or other resources.
2.  Assessment of the key scientific, medical, and technical facts of the case
3.  Clarification of relevant jargon
4.  Assessment of the opposing expert's argument  - Which aspects are right, and which are wrong
5.  Clarifying, for the attorney or jury, the details of the opposing expert's argument and identifying mistakes regarding:  the science or technology; facts of the case; application of the science or technology to the facts.
6.  Assistance with discovery - suggesting potentially beneficial discovery questions, location of useful information, and people likely to have relevant knowledge.
7.  Assistence with deposition questions and flow - including questions for opposing experts, as well as precipient witnesses.
8.  Creation of demonstrative visual aids

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