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Betrayal, Suffering, & Psychological Torture

Betrayal, Suffering, and Psychological Torture are common elder abuse terms that are often misused.  Here are the definitions, along with other terms that may be helpful when evaluating undue influence victim reactions and perpetrator behaviors:


Disappointment is the feeling that reality does not meet, or exceed, one's expectations. 


Betrayal occurs when one is disappointed by another, and the second party's behavior is believed to be intentional. 


Suffering is the feeling of  pain (physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual) that is believed to be outside one's control, overwhelming, and/or never-ending.  Agony.


Psychological torture involves the feeling of overwhelming and/or never-ending mental pain, in which the pain is excruciating.  Anguish.  The act refers to intentionally caused suffering of mental pain.


Embarrassment occurs when one's behavior or ability is judged, or expected to be judged, and found to be lacking. 


Sadness occurs when one feels unhappiness or grief; sorrowful or mournful


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