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Model - Undue Influence Wheel

Undue Influence Wheel 


The Undue Influence Wheel is sometimes referred to as the Brandle/Heisler/Stiegel model (by Bonnie Brandle, MSW, Candace Heisler, JD, and Lori Stiegel, JD; Copyrightę2006 YWCA Omaha).  It is based upon domestic violence relationships, stalking and sexual assault and one of its assumptions is that the process of undue influence parallels these other situations.  The suspected perpetrator is portrayed as a predator who finds susceptible victims, "grooms them," then uses a variety of tactics (isolation, fear, shame, etc.) to increase their control. 

The factors are:
1.    Keep Unaware
2.    Isolate from Others and Information
3.    Create Fear
4.    Prey on Vulnerabilities
5.    Create Dependencies
6.    Create Lack of Faith in Own Abilities
7.    Induce Shame and Secrecy
8.    Perform Intermittent Acts of Kindness  
This model is currently being promoted for use in criminal prosecutions, but could be applicable in some civil or probate proceedings.  
Other methods of assessing undue influence:

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