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Undue Influence - Cult Model

The “Thought Reform” or “Cult” Model of Margaret Thaler-Singer, PhD 

Dr. Singer’s model of thought reform developed from her work on the tactics used by cults and cult leaders.  The model is based upon the following six stages:  
1.  Isolation
2.  Creation of a Siege Mentality
3.  Dependency
4.  Powerlessness
5.  Fear and Vulnerability
6.  Victim is Kept Unaware 
The specific tactics are: 
1.  Keep the person unaware of what is going on and the changes taking place. 
2.  Control the person’s time and, if possible, physical environment. 
3.  Create a sense of powerlessness, covert fear, and dependency. 
4.  Suppress much of the person’s old behavior and attitudes. 
5.  Instill new behavior and attitudes. 
6.  Put forth a closed system of logic; allow no real input or criticism. 
Other methods of assessing undue influence:

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