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Screening Experts

Screening Experts

Who can you believe?
Many professionals can assess mental capacity issues.  Few can assess undue influence.
A growing number of people claim to be experts at assessing undue influence - and although many of these self-proclaimed "experts" are well-intentioned, most are not experts.  They may be excellent physicians or therapists, but few are actually trained to evaluate undue influence.  This point must be emphasized: Even professionals who have testified on this issue need to be screened.  Many do not know the models or current practices - or they know only 1 or 2 methods.  This is unacceptable if your case is important or complex.  Screen all “experts” carefully. 
Basic questions:
1)  What specific training have you had that qualifies you as an expert?  A related question is: Has your work been supervised or evaluated by known experts in the field of undue influence assessment?  
2)  What specific experience do you have?  (You are looking for training and continuing education - not merely the quantity of testimony.) 
3)  What articles/chapters/books/lectures, etc., have you written/given on this topic?  (Again, many "experts" have written articles - but not on undue influence.)
4)  What behavior-based models of undue influence do you use when evaluating cases? 
5)  Which one(s) would you use in this case?  Why? 
6)  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches you would use?





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