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Undue Influence - More Suspicious Circumstances

More Suspicious Circumstances - Especially in Probate Litigation


  • Withholding mail.
  • Limiting telephone access.
  • Limiting visitation.
  • Limiting privacy when victim is with others.
  • Discussion of transaction at an unusual or inappropriate time.
  • Consummation of the transaction at an unusual place.
  • Use of multiple persuaders against a single vulnerable person.
  • Demand the business be finished at once.
  • Extreme emphasis on the consequences of delay.
  • Obtaining an attorney for the victim.
  • Using victim's assets - such as property, money, credit cards, etc.
  • Becoming conservator, Trustee, beneficiary, executor, etc.
  • Obtaining access to bank accounts.
  • Obtaining access to safety deposit boxes.
  • Having the victim name the perpetrator on Power of Attorney forms. 

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